PNP activist and community stalwart killed in Clarendon

December 19, 2019

The community of Bullards Content in York Town, Clarendon, was rocked by yet another murder Wednesday evening about 7:15.

Sixty-three-year-old Franklyn Paisley, aka ‘Pipie’, was shot and killed by a lone gunman who pounced upon him as he was making his way to his vehicle to go to Mineral Heights.

His stepdaughter, who he raised from she was a toddler, said he would normally meet her from work every evening to transport her home.

“Wednesday night would have been no different, I called him, but I was seven minutes too late,” she told THE STAR.

Describing him as her ‘Bonus Dad’, she stated that she and her mother, who shares a son with Paisley, are trying to come to terms with the loss.

Shortly after news broke about Paisley’s killing, the rumour mill was set afire that Manchester businessman Skeng Don was killed.

Paisley’s stepdaughter, however, took to social media to dispel the rumours. “Skeng Don was not killed. My stepdad was shot multiple times at approximately 7:15 p.m. last night in York Town, Clarendon, he died on the spot. He is a close friend of Skeng and they do have a slight resemblance. But it was not Skeng”.

Councillor for the division, Uphell Purcell, described Paisley as a good man and one who was willing to help those in the community. He said he could be called upon for assistance anytime. The pain of his killing, according to Purcell, is unbearable.

“The community has lost a son. He was kind-hearted, anyone could call on him. In fact, he was in the final stages of planning a treat for Friday,” he informed.

Purcell in bemoaning the crime in York Town, said he is hoping the community will get back to its formerly peaceful state.

“Every time there is a couple of weeks break in crime, you hear another shooting. The guns are out there and that is the main problem.”

Clarendon is currently under a state of public emergency (SOE), which is aimed at tackling the high crime rate in the central Jamaica parish.

The SOE in Clarendon, which was declared in September, will continue until January 2020.







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