Crowd flocks church for ‘holy oil’

January 27, 2020
A vial of the healing oil.
A vial of the healing oil.

Yesterday, dozens of first-time attendants flocked the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God on Maxfield Avenue to receive a bottle of what church members call the Holy Oil of Mount Sinai.

According to the church website, the oil has been a significant part of people's lives for thousands of years and, in biblical times, it was used to anoint people so that they could receive strength to overcome their problems.

A member of the congregation testified that the oil, along with faith, was instrumental in him regaining his eyesight, after he went blind at age 10.

Offered sacrifices

"My mom offered sacrifices, did prayer chains, and anoint my clothes and body when I was sleeping," he said.

Yesterday during service, a bishop asked the congregation to raise items their bags, purses and any other object that had to do with their finances, for prayer.

A woman was observed lifting a container of sweets in the air, hoping to receive a financial transformation.

Like the woman, there were a lot of other persons who came seeking remedies for prosperity and healing for ailments.

A lot of the newcomers stated that they learnt about the Universal Church on television, while others were invited by loved ones.

With more than 20 churches in the country, the church designates specific days for different types of blessings that persons may seek.

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