Central High makes maiden trip to United Nations conference

February 19, 2020
The Central High UN Club members.
The Central High UN Club members.

Last month, members of Central High School's United Nations (UN) Club attended their first Model (UN) High School Conference held in Manhattan, New York.

The World Federation of United Nations Associations, which hosts the conferences, aims to accurately simulate the real UN with programmes that provide students with the most realistic experience possible.

The club was formed last November and president Anecia Burton said the experience gave them a deeper appreciation for their hard-working, committed and loving teachers at the school.

"Additionally, we got an opportunity to exchange a wealth of knowledge, culture and experience as we interacted with delegates from Jamaica and other countries," she said.

Burton said it took a lot of preparation and speedy on-the-ground work to make it to New York. They had one month to secure visas and register for the conference, which she said was a great financial challenge.

good opportunity

She said God's favour saw the door being opened to sponsorship so the group could make it.

"We also received our assignment one week before the conference, which forced us into an intense and rigorous research on the countries we represented in order to write our position paper which had to be submitted before the conference," she shared.

Now back home, Burton said the trip has made a big difference in the club members' lives as it has broadened their horizons.

She said the trip has also developed their confidence, increased their knowledge on sustainable development goals, and has sharpened their listening, thinking and communication skills.

A member of the club, Mickalia Huie, also won a prize during the conference. Central High's delegation comprised 21 students from grades 7, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

There was an extra-special moment for students as they also visited the Collegiate Institute for Math & Science, where they caught up with a former teacher Fredrick Nelson, who is the principal at that institution.

- C.C.L.

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