Entrepreneur gives to less fortunate

March 26, 2020
Onfroy surrounded by care packages that he gives to those in need.
Onfroy surrounded by care packages that he gives to those in need.

Dean Onfroy, owner of a local clothing store FierceByDre, says giving back to those in need is something he has always been passionate about, even more so now that we are in a time of crisis brought on by COVID-19.

Since yesterday, Onfroy has distributed more than 100 care packages in inner-city communities to assist persons who are in need of food and are unable to fend for themselves.

"Me go a Steven Lane on Waltham Park Road, 15 and 17 Lane in Kingston 13 and me make sure give every single yard get," he said.

Was shocked

Since he posted a video of the packages on his Instagram page on Tuesday, he was shocked at the number of persons reaching out for help.

"At first, I thought they were joking, but dem seriously nuh have it and it just sad," he said.

Onfroy told THE STAR that he sacrificed his personal funds to buy items such as rice, cornmeal, oil, sugar and flour for the packages and he is planning to extend distributions outside of Kingston.

"Giving back is something that uplift my spirit, just to see how people happy it takes my mind off certain tings. Right now me would a love if other people could a just help and nuh bother watch wah people have fi say, at the end of the day is a good thing dem a do," Onfroy said.

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