My Confession: Church sister caught me red-handed

May 29, 2020

STAR, mi say mi have a side man who mi always go link at mi sistren house anytime me waah have a good time. Oh, I forget to tell you that I am a Christian woman who lives with my husband, but mi never ready to baptise.

Mi did have mi side man before mi baptise, but that never stop anything, and for years, mi have him. Mi husband get boring bad, especially after him start go church, and we barely have any sex life. Mi couldn't swear and gwan with the tings dem like one time cuz him constantly a remind mi say the angel dem a watch and him nah do anything too explicit in dem presence.

Horniness a kill

So one day, horniness a kill mi and mi and the side man hook up a mi fren place. We put down one piece a working. and mi full a excitement, suh my mouth loud bad. When mi done, mi walk get up and walk go out in the living room to go to the bathroom, and low and behold, mi buck up inna the church deaconess. Honestly, mi can't explain how mi feel at the time, but mi know mi foot dem almost give way. Same time the man come out inna him underpants. The way mi frighten mi just wave to her, and she just a look mi straight in the eyes and nuh answer.

It turns out that she is my friend's cousin. My friend told me that after the deaconess came by, she sent me a message to tell mi that she had a visitor, but I was too busy to realise. She also did not know that I know her.

Well, so far the church sister has not said anything to my husband, but let's just say that church services on a Sunday are awkward.

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