Body of foetus found in garbage

June 02, 2020

Sanitation workers were in for an unpleasant surprise after they discovered a foetus in a dumpster as they carried out their duties in east Kingston yesterday. A senior officer at the Harbour View Police Station stated that the discovery was made at about 7 a.m. along Sir Florizel Glasspole Boulevard by a team of National Solid Waste Management Authority workers.

"The baby was found in a blue barrel inside a plastic bag wrapped in newspapers. The garbage collectors grew suspicious based on the foul smell that was coming from the bag, and the body was discovered after they opened it," he said.

The revelation caused a build-up of traffic along the boulevard as curious onlookers sought to get a glimpse of the gruesome find. The police are appealing to anyone who may have information in relation to this incident to come forward.

The investigation continues.

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