NWC offering employment opportunities to at risk youth

June 29, 2020

As part of its continued efforts in exercising its corporate social responsibility, the National Water Commission (NWC), says to date it has employed over 300 at risk youth to gather vital information through its Customer Census Mapping Project.

At risk youth are persons who due to a range of factors are deemed less likely to transition successfully into adulthood, achieve economic independence or contribute meaningfully to society. It is a definition that Naaman Parker, one of the youngsters employed through the project, is all too familiar with.

“I was told a lot of things in my life that I would never achieve but this project has offered me a second chance and has been a saving grace for me” he explains.

As a result of employment through the project, Naaman has been able to complete the building of his own house and investing in his farm.

Staff for the project are mainly recruited through the government’s Housing Opportunity Production and Employment (HOPE) programme where they are trained in life skills, citizenship, work ethics, discipline, volunteerism and entrepreneurship skills. Once with the NWC, they are further trained in crucial areas such as customer service, Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, safety guidelines and meter handling.

Coordinator for the NWC’s Customer Census Mapping Project Carole Fisher, said she was pleased that NWC continues to step up to the plate to partner with the government to offer job opportunities to these deserving youth”.

“I am always filled with a sense of pride when I see the positive effects on them. Some came here without any sense of direction, very vulnerable … but then I witness the significant transformation in them while on the project and I can say that it is more than just a job to them. Their minds are open to greater possibilities” said Fisher. 

The NWC will continue to offer employment opportunities to at risk youth with at least 300 to 350 more to be recruited to work on the Customer Census Mapping project as it progresses across the island.

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