St James couple dies one day apart - Mom passes away a day before son’s PEP results

June 29, 2020

The Cambridge police have commenced an investigation into the circumstances which led to the mysterious death of a common-law couple, from the community of Plantation Heights in Bickersteth area of St James last week.

Junior Aldin, a security guard, died at the Cornwall Regional Hospital on Wednesday after falling ill two days earlier. His common-law wife, 32-year-old Tamara Howard, a service station attendant, died on Thursday at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, after she too complained of feeling ill.

The shocking deaths left three children, including one was placed in high school following PEP results on Friday, without a mother.

"We are all just sitting here trying to really get a grip of what really happen, but up until now it is still a mystery to all of us. Nobody knows what really kill dem," a sister of Howard's told THE STAR yesterday. She was among a large group of persons who converged on the home of the couple yesterday.

While members of the community opined that the couple may have been poisoned, investigators say they have to await the results of forensic examinations to determine cause of death.

Employees at the Total Service Station in Montpellier, where Howard was employed, could hardly contain their emotions. "Oh God! Oh God! not Tamara, shi neva sick, nutten neva do har, suh how smady fi jus drop dung an jus dead suh?" one worker cried out.

The staff members said Howard was the kindest person one could find. She was described as hard-working, ambitious, and always willing to work irregular hours in order just to sustain her family. Her community and family members said she played the role of mother and father to all her children.

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