McKenzie threatens beach goers with prosecution

July 02, 2020
Beach goers make use of this Montego Bay beach.
Beach goers make use of this Montego Bay beach.

Beach and river goers have been warned of possible prosecution if they are found in breach of legal orders imposed by the Government to control the spread of COVID-19.

In sounding the warning in the House of Representatives yesterday, local government minister Desmond McKenzie said that the high level of non-compliance is alarming and untenable. He said that 97 per cent of the people who visited beaches and rivers last weekend wore no masks, and 66 per cent did not practise social distancing.

McKenzie said that starting today, all beaches and rivers will be strictly monitored and those found to be in breach of the protocols will be shut down with immediate effect.

"Both the beach and river operators as well as the public patrons will be warned for possible prosecution under the Disaster Risk Management Act. The onus will then be on the specific beach and river operators to satisfy the authorities that they have put in place all the protocols before they are allowed to reopen," McKenzie said.

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