My online date turned out to be a man

July 03, 2020

So STAR, I met this girl online one day and for weeks we would talk about all type of things. She was sexy as hell and use to send me the most provocative pictures.

We video call almost every day and she always a tell mi bout di tings dem she a go do to mi when mi see har. Anyway, the time finally come and mi arrange to link her at her apartment.

Oh she did tell mi say she share the apartment with her male cousin and his girlfriend, but mi never make much of it. Mi reach the place and she come meet me at the gate.

We reach inside and go in her room and as soon as she put mi in, she step out. Next ting mi know is her cousin dat walk in, only in him underpants.

So mi ask whe di girl and him say him confess say him was the one texting me all the time and his cousin just video call anytime mi say mi waan video chat. Mi say a di fastest mi start run and bawl out.

Mi frighten till mi all take di wrong bus and had to walk part a di journey go home. Mi never hear back from none a dem again and mi make a vow never to meet another woman online again.

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