Parent unhappy with child’s high school placement

July 03, 2020

While some parents are elated with the placement of their children following the release of the PEP results last Friday, Diana Durant is disappointed as she believes her son deserved a better placement.

"On the Grade Six results, I saw them write that he did better than 40 per cent of the students who sat the ability exam," she said. "The results he got for the three sections were 54.2, 74.2 and 149.1 and when I averaged it, I got 92.5 per cent, so I don't understand. I even went to the ministry and I queried it. I was told to take it to the school of his choice and try to get a transfer."

Her son was placed at Edith Dalton James High School, and Durant said the institution was not even among the list of preferred schools.

"I had Ardenne, Wolmers, JC, St George's and Calabar. He really wanted Wolmer's so him a beg me to try and get him into that school still," said Durant. "I really want him to go Wolmer's because the children at Wolmer's are disciplined and the school organised. You don't see them on the road in any drama and I just want the same kinda thing for my son."

She said she was shocked at the placement because she ensured he was given extra attention for the exams.

"I have my niece tutor him and stuff so even she was looking forward for him to get a traditional school," she said. "He has been doing well in school and making improvements and he is always interested to learn more. Him enter the parish Spelling Bee three times, so I know he is a brilliant child." Durant added that where they live is not close to Edith Dalton.

"He will have to take two buses from home to Duhaney Park for school and I would prefer if he is closer to home," she said.

Acting Chief Education Officer in the Education Ministry, Dr Kasan Troupe informed THE WEEKEND STAR that provisions have been made to assist parents with queries.

"Each case is different. In this case the matter can be resolved within 30 minutes of us sitting with the parents and explaining the placement and scaled scores. We would love to assist in the matter raised," said Troupe.

- A.D.

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