Murder in red light district - Man shot dead after meeting prostitute

July 09, 2020

An unidentified man was shot and killed by armed men at in the vicinity of the Shoe Arcade, in downtown Montego Bay, St James, on Tuesday night.

He is the 60th person to be murdered St James since the start of the year.

The Barnett Street police say the man is believed to be in his late 20s, about five feet, five inches tall, and has a low haircut. The victim was clad in a white merino, blue and white shorts, and grey sneakers.

Reports by the police are that shortly after 10:30 p.m., the man was standing at a shop piazza along Harbour Street when he was approached by men.

An argument developed between him and the men, and one man pulled a handgun and opened fire, hitting the victim to his head and upper body.

The men ran from the scene and escaped in the direction of Strand Street. The police were summoned and upon their arrival, the scene was processed and the victim transported to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Popular prostitute

Upon visiting the scene, THE STAR was told that before the man was shot, he was seen trying to purchase sex from a popular prostitute.

"Round yah suh is a little area weh man come and pick up a girl, and pay money fi get himself sort out, an mi sure seh mi remember di same bredda deh did a bother a girl seh him want some sex fi buy. But the chick neva too interested because him neva a talk bout the money wha she di d a ask fah," one prostitute said.

She added that she was actually with a customer when she heard the gunshots.

"Mi neva even finish, but yuh know how di thing go. Di customer ketch him fraid an seh him a left the spot, but him run the money pon mi still. A wen mi come over mi si seh a the same bredda who did want the little cheap sex dem kill," she said.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force says St James has seen a 17.1 per cent reduction in murders from the corresponding period last year. Residents say this is only due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the island.

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