Miracle baby killed in freak accident

July 13, 2020
One-year-old Malaysha Malcolm was run over by a SUV and killed in Denham Town, Kingston, on Saturday night.
One-year-old Malaysha Malcolm was run over by a SUV and killed in Denham Town, Kingston, on Saturday night.

Roshana Brown sat for minutes in silence and tears before she was able to produce any sound. Her face was swollen and her eyes painted red by grief. Her miracle baby, Malaysha Malcolm, was killed on Saturday night in Denham Town, Kingston, after being run over by a Honda CRV in the community.

Malaysha was one year old. "She is my only child. Dem (doctors) seh me couldn't get pregnant and me beg God fi me baby. And she just get tek back just like that," Brown told THE STAR, as she cried helplessly.

"Me baby, me baby!" she cried as her voice trembled.

The police said that about 7 p.m., the driver was proceeding along Last Street when he allegedly swerved to avoid a group of persons and collided with Maylasha.The infant was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead. Brown witnessed her daughter's death - it all happened in a split second.

"Anywhere yuh see me, yuh see me baby. She did deh beside me and a play with something. Me nuh remember if is a bottle did inna har hand. It drop and she just run out. Normally when she see car, she run. So because it deh so close to har, she just drop herself inna the road," she recalled.

"Same time me a stop him (driver) fi him don't move no further ... me a take her up, and because of all a the screaming, him get panic. ... Me nah go see back me baby."

Most unfortunate

Brown said that it was a most unfortunate terrible accident. She is not upset with the driver who lives in the community. The driver has been warned for prosecution by the police.

"Him lose one a him closest brother and a today him a bury. So is like him deh a the nine-night and frustration lick him so him have everything pon him head and him a drive," she said, noting that he rushed the baby to the hospital.

Tamika, a neighbour who was present, said "Better the car did just lick har and we now seh she have a bruck hand or a bruck foot. A because she drop, enuh, and she small. Is a big car so him couldn't see har. Not even two years she deh here, she just turn one inna January."

One of Brown's friends said everything happened so qurickly, it seemed unavoidable.

"The baby was right beside he mother a sit down and out of nowhere, she just step right out inna the road," she said.

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