Small farmers get a big boost

July 14, 2020

The Jamaica Broilers Group has donated 260 bags of Hi-Pro Feed and 40 crop kits to small farmers in St James, who have been affected by the novel coronavirus.

"We want to encourage you; do not give up. Times are challenging and there are always going to be challenges, but we have seen time and time again how resilient and focused our farmers are and we want to provide that kind of support," Colonel Jaimie Ogilvie, vice-president of Hi-Pro, said at the handover.

The crop kits include PanDia seeds, fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides and are ideal for planting a quarter-acre plot with crops such as cabbage, okra, cucumber, sweet pepper and watermelon.

The donations form part of Hi-Pro's #GROWSTRONG campaign, a five-month-long initiative that targets some 2,000 farmers islandwide.

Colonel Ogilvie disclosed that, so far, the youngest beneficiary of the programme is a nine-year-old boy from Trelawny, and the oldest an 81-year-old woman from St Ann.

"I think that shows the extent and the breadth of the agricultural [sector]; [There are] literally hundreds of thousands of small farmers that feed this country," he said.

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