‘I want her to be my wife’ - Saundocan plans to mash up Rose and Expert’s wedding

July 17, 2020
‘Saundocan’ Clarke
Omar ‘Saundocan’ Clarke
‘Rose’ and ‘Expert’.
‘Rose’ and ‘Expert’.

Tanesha 'Rose' Thelwell's relationship with Exford 'Expert' Spence is causing great stress for her former lover, Omar 'Saundocan' Clarke.

Rose is engaged to Expert, with the hopes of tying the knot in November, but Saundocan says he will stop the wedding if it gets that far.

Sandocan, a resident of Mount Salem in Montego Bay, St James, said he really loves Rose and it pains his heart to see her with another man.

"Mi and her deh together fi 16 years and is a long time that. A nuh just now we a par, is long time we a par. A morning time mi put on her clothes for her and then go work. She gone, and mi feel all alone. Mi feel a way about the wedding, and it can't happen. Mi wi go at the wedding and stop it, because me was first," Saundocan told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Saundocan said that he met Rose on the streets of Mount Salem years ago. He said that he shared his money with her and they would chill and talk at nights together. But since Expert came into the picture one year ago, things have not been the same.

"She gone because mi nuh have nuff money. Mi will get a $3,000 work and mi wi give her $1,500 and keep the rest because me have to eat too, but she want more than that. She doesn't appreciate what me giving her," Saundocan said.

He alleges that Expert is not treating Rose properly, charging that he recently cooked and gave her only one dumpling to eat.

"When wi together, mi cook and give her a good plate a food and drinks. I buy her things like clothes and food. We will go out and party and me will treat her nice and take good care of her. I love her, and mi feel so lonely and want her come back to me," Saundocan told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Can treat her better

"Mi believe me is a better man fi her than Expert. Mi can treat her better, and she not to get married. I want her to be my wife, and I always sing to her," Saundocan added.

Rose, in a recent interview with THE STAR, said that she met her husband-to-be at a plaza in Montego Bay and he instantly fell in love with her 'little and neat' shape.

Their relationship did not go without drama as Saundocan is scarcely far away. Rose has confessed to having an affair with Saundocan, while she is involved with Expert. She said this was because her man was unfaithful.

She said, too, that he has a good reason for leaving her man of 16 years. "Saundocan wasn't fi mi alone and did a smaddy else man, but Epert (Expert) a mine."

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