My man cheated on me with my friend

August 07, 2020

Dear STAR, mi have a fren whe mi man a bun out hard, but mi recently find out say all dis time dem did a sleep together.

Mi and her use to do the same type a work. As soon as me and him get together, him start tell mi bare tings bout di girl, say him spirit nuh take her and him brethren dem say she a freak, so mi must leave her company alone.

Plus, my friend use to act like the feeling mutual and always a tell mi say mi deserve a better man and that him sick her stomach.

Mi, like idiot, all take time draw whe from her at a point in time. But one night mi man tell mi say him woulda waan see mi and mi fren a make out.

But the next morning, him bun her out again and a say a must because him did a drink why him did a talk so. But mi think of a way to find out what was really on his mind.

Cloned HIS phone

One day mi clone him phone and whe mi see make mi almost lose mi mind. Mi see mi fren a text him and him a tell her say him nuh want mi, and him just a use mi for links and dem ting deh.

The way mi feel it, mi start plot mi revenge same time. On her next day off, she plan to spend it with him, so mi just leave out like mi a go work and go camp out over mi neighbour yard.

Hours later, me see har pop up a mi yard. Minutes before she reach, she all text me and ask mi if mi good. Mi give them about 45 minutes then mi take time and go over the yard and take mi little time pull di door.

When mi look, a girl dat lay down naked in a mi sofa. STAR when mi put on the first lick and draw fi mi knife, she bawl out fi murder. Di man drag mi off a har and start feed mi with some licks.

A mi neighbour have to come to mi assistance and take mi out di house. The man not even make she go home same time, him keep her over di house until evening.

The way mi shame mi never go back a work and move out of di house for a few weeks.

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