Three shot in Montego Bay drive-by - ... dog also injured

August 10, 2020

Three men and a dog were shot and injured by gunmen who carried out a daring daylight attack at a yard in Wagon Wheel, Rose Hall, St James, last Saturday.

The police said that about 3 p.m., the three victims and another man were at a house at Wagon Wheel when five men, armed with high-powered weapons, drove to the area in a white AD Wagon motor car and opened fire on the occupants at the yard. Three males, one a 29-year-old of Providence Heights, a 30-year-old of Lilliput, and a 21-year-old youth, also of Lilliput, were hit.

The dog, believed to be a German Shepherd, was in the front of the yard and was also shot and seriously injured. The animal was taken to a veterinarian. The animal was treated and is presently in serious condition.

In the meantime, the police have started a probe into the recovery of several lead sheets and cell phones containing identity information of overseas personnel near the scene of the incident.

"We are still carrying out investigations into the shooting, which we believed is also linked to lottery scamming, and we hope to make some early breakthrough," a senior lawman told THE STAR.

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