Every voter must wear a mask on election day

August 14, 2020

Director of Elections, Glasspole Brown, says the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ), and the Ministry of Health and Wellness have agreed on COVID-19 protocols for elections.

“We, the Electoral Office of Jamaica and by extension the Electoral Commission of Jamaica have signed off with the Ministry of Health, on a COVID-19 elections protocol. What that protocol entails is that every elector is expected to come to the polling station wearing a mask, and I urge all our electors to come and have a mask on, on Election Day,” Mr. Brown told JIS News.

“Your hands will be sanitised and then you will be ushered into the different polling stations,” he added.

On the day before the Septmeber 2 general elections, the ECJ will screen all Election-Day workers as part of their COVID-19 protocols.

Other protocols will also be observed on Election Day to prevent the spread of the virus.

“Throughout the course of the day, we will continually be sanitising the polling stations to ensure, as best as possible, everybody remains safe. There are a number of sanitation processes that we will be doing that will take place during the voting process. What it means is that after you have cast your ballot, you will be required to sanitise your fingers again before you dip in the ink,” Mr. Brown said.

According to Mr. Brown, the ink that voters will be asked to dip their finger in, is an alcohol-based ink, and it has certain chemical features that should prevent the transmission of any infections.

"So, therefore, as an additional safety measure, you are asked to re-sanitise your finger before you actually dip your finger,” the Director of Elections said.

Mr. Brown assured that the EOJ is confident that with the protocols in place, the voting process will be completed within a reasonable time.

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