Health Ministry implements new COVID measures for business travellers

August 14, 2020

The Ministry of Health says that effective August 20, all business travellers arriving in the island from countries with a high risk of COVID-19 will be tested.

They will also be required to present their travel authorisation document showing that they have done a pretest.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jacquiline Bisasor-McKenzie, in making the disclosure at the weekly virtual COVID Conversations press briefing on Thursday, said that the additional measures are in response to the large number of persons arriving under the business traveller category who have been testing positive for COVID-19.

“Now, we have several groups of those persons in St. James. They have been isolated from they came into the country. So these persons would have gotten a quarantine order that they would have had to remain in quarantine until they get their results, and as soon as they get the result of a positive test that would have been changed to isolation,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bisasor-McKenzie said that the Ministry would not be supporting the movement of tourists around several properties because there is the risk of exposure to more members of the population and the risk of infection and severe illness among persons.

She pointed out that the stay-in resilient corridor order that the tourists sign indicates that they must remain at the address that was given on the order during their stay in the island.

“Now, we understand that we have to continue this economic activity; however, it is not without risk to the general population."

"Therefore, our whole management of this pandemic is about the restriction on movement to limit movement between different sets of persons, especially between higher-risk persons and persons of lower risk. So we would want to ensure that tourists stay on one property and, afterwards, they leave, they go to the airport and they depart,” she noted.

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