NWC lifts restrictions for areas served by Constant Spring Treatment Plant

September 14, 2020

The National Water Commission (NWC) is reporting that the continuous rainfall over the past few weeks has resulted in an increase in stream flows in the water watershed area, positively improving storage at the Hermitage Dam.

Consequently, the NWC says production at the Constant Spring Water Treatment plant has significantly increased which will improve water distributed to the network.

As a result, water regulations imposed on customers served by the treatment plant will be suspended.

In May, the NWC implemented 12-hour supply cycles for areas arising from the adverse effect of the prolonged dry period, as there was a significant drop in supply at the facility.

However, the NWC says the recent rains saw the recovery of stored volumes at the Hermitage Dam, which increased to 98% as at today Monday, September 14.

The agency stated that despite the lifting of restrictions, there may be brief interruptions in supply as it is also carrying out major rehabilitation work on the 5.5 million gallon treated water reservoirs located on the Constant Spring compound.

Meanwhile, regulations currently in effect for customers who are served by the Mona Water Treatment Plant will remain.

The NWC is encouraging customers to continue to conserve water despite the improved inflows.

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