Students strike high notes at Band Camp

September 15, 2020
A participant in the Food For The Poor annual summer Band Camp perform an item during the 2020 graduation ceremony.
A participant in the Food For The Poor annual summer Band Camp perform an item during the 2020 graduation ceremony.

Forty students have been equipped with the skill of playing various musical instruments, including the saxophone, guitar, drums, and electric keyboard following participation in Food For The Poor (FFP) - Jamaica's annual Band Camp.

Due to restrictions caused by COVID-19, numerous changes had to be made to the summer programme to ensure the safety of everyone involved, including a decrease in the number of students. This, however, did not stop the Band Camp from being a success.

The four-week programme took place under the guidance of Band Camp director Jeffery Brown, with support from Charlemont High School teacher Nigel Powell, as well as Oswald Scott, a veteran musician and past student of Alpha Boys' School.

"This summer, the Band Camp enabled children who have been locked in since the closure of schools due to COVID-19 to socialise (while observing the necessary COVID-19 restrictions), learn to play a musical instrument, and to unwind. It has also assisted me since I have been locked in as well," said Powell at the recently held graduation ceremony.


Craig Moss-Solomon, FFP director, urged students to continue practising in order to grow. He thanked all who dedicated their time to the Band Camp and also the donors for their contribution.

"We want to congratulate the students for completing this milestone while obeying the policies put in place because of this crisis. We want to thank Jeffery and our prison ministry staff for working so hard to ensure we had a successful Band Camp this year even with all the constraints caused by COVID. We also want to thank the donors for providing the Band Camp equipment and the past Band Campers who dedicated their time in assisting to teach the students."

He continued: "We hope the students will take what they have learnt, continue to practise, and grow in the arts. Band Camp is highly anticipated each year, and while we were not able to have as many children as we wanted, we are thankful to all who participated."

As is customary, each graduate was gifted with his or her instrument to take home.

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