Caught my husband with a madwoman

October 16, 2020

There is this 'oman called Pam* who has mental issues. She go 'round and beg a ting, or do small favours for anyone who would ask her. Pam is always clean, but fi har style of dressing was different from everyone else, and har make-up always awful.

Because she dance 'maddy maddy', the man dem use to give her a bills and she would skank dung di place. She loves to trace ,so from time to time she would a cuss off di 'oman dem when dem fass with her, and say she a take dem man.

Now, my husband, who always a trouble her, mek me shame like dawg. Because him look good, woman always a throw demself at him. Mi use to watch him every little move, but mi stop after a while. One night all a we deh at a bar and him just disappear. Me get vex and a say a one a the girl dem who a sell sex at the bar him thief way with, so mi turn on the flashlight on mi phone and start search the place.

Mi member dat the youth dem always a say dem carry girls near an ole goat pen, suh me decide fi guh check it out. When mi reach close me hear a little noise, and hear like somebody a say, 'Stop the noise, you mouth too loud, man'. Mi decide fi guh closer, and STAR, mi almost dead when mi me husband and Pam.

The way him frighten him couldn't move, but Pam, she just take up her clothes and ask why mi a look pon her, and walk off.

Mi a tell u di truth, mi couldn't even create no excitement cuz mi never waah nobody find out. As fi me husband, the entire night him a try convince mi say a drunk him drunk, but mi know a lie him a tell. Mi never come out a mi house fi a week, and after dat, everywhere Pam see mi she beg mi $200, and to keep her quiet, mi give her.

* Name changed to protect identity

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