OUR clears JPS of unjust high bills

October 16, 2020

The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) has been cleared of charges of unjustly hiking customers bills after the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) found higher consumption of power to be the main reason for light bill increases.

According to the OUR, residential customers saw an average increase of 24.23 per cent in electricity bills for the period April - May 2020, when compared to the January - March 2020 quarter. Small commercial customers saw an average drop in their light bills by 2.69 per cent.

The OUR said that the higher consumption in residential bills "was not unexpected, as more persons were staying at home, including children, as schools were ordered closed".

The regulator, however, said that it investigated other potential causal factors for bill increases, two of which were fuel cost and foreign exchange adjustment, and concluded that the JPS' billing calculations were largely compliant with its approved rate schedule.

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