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October 28, 2020

Woman treats pig like son

A YouTube star has described her pet pig as "like a son" to her.

Simone Partner allows her miniature pig Milo to lounge around her home in Bath, UK. Although he sleeps outdoors, Milo is more than welcome inside Partner's bedroom.

The 28-year-old told LADbible: "He is tidy and completely house-trained, other than when he loves to bring straw into the house from his outside bedding, which I always have to clean up after him.

"He has his own 'pig-proof' house in the back garden where he sleeps at night but most days, he loves sleeping on the sofa, snuggled up to the pillows, his mermaid blanket and squeaky toys.

"Milo is part of the family and he is like a son to us."

Man breaks record for most body modifications

A German man has claimed a Guinness World Record for the most body modifications.

Rolf Buchholz currently has 516 modifications, including tattoos, piercings and subdermal implants.

His feat is made more remarkable by the fact that he didn't get his first tattoo until he was 40. He had previously set the record at 453, including 158 around his lips alone.

Buchholz suggests that the modifications have only changed him on the outside.

He told Guinness World Records: "The body modifications have changed only the outside. It's not changed me. I'm the same person."

Buchholz had first come to public attention in 2014 after being turned away from Dubai airport as he landed there on his way to a hotel appearance.

Family to slingshot candy

A family in Pennsylvania has created a 'candypult' for Halloween.

Vince Mak and his loved ones came up with the device to launch treats for revellers while maintaining social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He told WPMT-TV: "We thought we could try to come up with a creative way to throw candy at kids ... safely. With everything going on, everyone just needs to feel happy and find something to laugh at."

The invention has had downsides for the family, as they will need to buy more sweets this year so they can utilise the creation.

Mak said: "I guess we'll have to get extra candy this year."

Skunk clears out supermarket

A supermarket was evacuated after a skunk gained entry.

The Walmart store in Oklahoma was temporarily closed as staff waited for animal control to capture the smelly creature after it wandered into the men's shoe department.

Trevor Bounds arrived to retrieve the skunk for Red Beard's Wildlife Solutions.

He told KFOR-TV: "Nobody wants to shop at 'Skunk Spray Central'." Bounds added that skunks entering buildings is a more regular occurrence than people may suspect.

He explained: "I tell everybody, you got to look at the foundations. Any kind of entry they can find to gain entry, they're going to."

Bounds humanely trapped the skunk before it was released back into the wild while the store quickly reopened.

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