Matey beat up my man in our house

October 30, 2020

Mi say mi matey beat up mi husband in front a mi one time and up to this day mi can't get over it.

STAR, my man a the type weh always act like bully and never ramp to trace off mi clothes anytime mi find out say him have woman.

More time mi hear him a talk about his past and mi wonder if him was an assassin in his past life the way him talk tuff. Mi find out him have a girl and him always a deny say him and her deh until mi show him proof.

Turns out him and di girl involve before we got married and him always a tell her say him just married mi for what I can do for him.

Truth is, that was a lie, because before I met him I barely had anything to my name. So I fren up the girl and told her everything that was happening and we came up with a master plan.

The night before she was supposed to visit us, I called her so she could listen as he was disrespecting her and saying she was just a piece of string and nothing else.

The morning I went to meet her at the bus stop and carried her to the home. I left her in the living room while I went and asked him about her again.


Naturally, he denied her and said anywhere he saw her he was going to lick har inna har face. Mi all believe him cuz him talk bad. But next ting mi know is the likkle body gyal just fly pass mi and say 'a who yuh a go lick' and take out har scissors and rush him.

Mr man jump up and start bawl out fi murder and a try take di scissors from her. When she let him go, him a tremble and a beg please to behave herself.

She grab a bottle off wi dresser and start beat him with it and him just a try shield himself. When him finally free, him take di wings a di morning and run out di house fast.

Next ting mi know him madda dat a call mi a trace a say how mi let gyal in mi yard. You know say di night di bwoy come a mi yard a try war mi.

Mi just tell him don't try cuz mi see a likkle body girl beat him like slave. We are separated now.

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