Farmer chops gunman to death

December 08, 2020

A Trelawny farmer who chopped one of two alleged gunmen to death after they attempted to shoot him in the presence of his common-law-wife is now being praised as a hero in his community for his bravery.

The dead man has been identified as 34-year-old Cedane Galloway, otherwise called 'G-Dawg', unemployed of Mayfield district in Granville, Trelawny.

Reports by the police are that about noon, the 45-year-old farmer, who is also a coal burner, and his common-law-wife were on their farm in Green Park in the parish, attending to their coal pit, when they were approached by Galloway and another man.

Both men allegedly brandished handguns, and Galloway reportedly informed the farmer that he was sent to kill him. He then walked over to the couple when the farmer, who had his machete, chopped Galloway in his upper body.

The wounded man and his crony ran off but Galloway collapsed a few metres away, while his crony managed to escape in bushes.

The farmer summoned the police and upon arrival, Galloway was discovered lying in a pool of blood with a chop wound to his neck. He was transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

One resident in the community told THE STAR that the farmer is very brave for his quick thinking, because his actions saved his own life and also that of his spouse.

The police have indicated that they have the identity the other gunman, and he is currently being sought.

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