COVID worry for St Ann and Manchester

January 13, 2021

The parishes of St Ann and Manchester are showing signs of "uncontrolled spread" of COVID-19.

According to Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton, the rate of spread in the parishes is way above the national rate.

As of Monday, St Ann had 75 active cases while Manchester had 68 active cases. Tufton said that St Ann, with 75 active cases as of Monday, has a worrying 35 cases per 100,000, while Manchester had 43 cases per 100,000. These are the two highest rates in the island. Jamaica has been able to keep the infection rates below 2.5 per 100,000 in the population.

"The health departments in those parishes have already began to ramp up prevention activities with testing and contact tracing, especially for the vulnerable population," Tufton said.

"It is at this time that we say to the citizens of these parishes that you can reduce the spread of disease through your actions ... . Wear your masks, keep physically distant, stay away from large crowds, and wash your hands or sanitise as often as possible," the minister said.

Meanwhile, Tufton told parliamentarians that Westmoreland, which had displayed worrying signs of COVID-19 spread, has shown signs of improvement and will no longer be subjected to the tighter measures that had been imposed.

He said that active cases have been reduced to 51 and occupancy level at the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital is now 56 per cent for isolation, a significant reduction from the above 80 per cent isolation occupancy reported in December.

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