McKenzie urges homeless to make use of shelters

January 25, 2021

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Desmond McKenzie, has urged homeless people to make greater use of shelters, following the brutal attack on six homeless men in the Corporate Area.


Expressing shock at the attack, Minister McKenzie said he feels even more challenged to do more four the homeless population. 

In a statement McKenzie said, although the government provides a full range of services at drop-in centres, including overnight accommodation, many of homeless persons use them, but prefer to stay on the streets, thus making them even more vulnerable to organised or random attacks. 

Even as the police work to solve these assaults and murders, I am appealing to our homeless people to make greater use of these facilities that are dedicated to them, the statement continued. 

He added that the centres are staffed by committed professionals, who continue to provide total care for all who visit.

He further noted that "this incident revives the daily challenge to us all to be a far gentler society, and to ensure that the vulnerable among us are never seen or treated as expendable.”

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