Murder suspect in Portmore double murder killed by police, firearm recovered

March 04, 2021

A man identified as Oneil Ford, said to have been a prime suspect in the Valentine’s Day double murder of Calabar High School track and field coach, Nicholas Neufville, and Raheima Edwards, was shot and killed this afternoon by the police in the Portmore Mall.

A firearm was also recovered.

Acting Senior Superintendent, Paul Thomas, head of the Major Investigations Division, told The Star that Ford, who was wanted for a murder in Portmore, emerged as a person of interest in the double murder a week ago.

“We understand he was wanted for a murder in Portmore. He came on our radar a little over a week ago and we started searching for him as a person of interest in the murder of the coach and female,” Thomas said.

“Information led us to the location at Portmore Mall. During attempts to apprehend him, he resisted the police, pulled a firearm and was shot. We also found evidence that can further assist us with the investigation of the coach and female, who were killed between the 14th and 15th of February,” he added.

The bodies of 38-year-old Neufville and 19-year-old Edwards, residents of Waterford and Passagefort, Portmore, respectively, were found in an open lot in the vicinity of Exchange Avenue and Dyke Road, in the early morning of February 15, on the opposite side of the Portmore Toll Road, from where Ford was shot and killed this afternoon.

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