We’re ‘best suited’ to continue CWI transformation – Skerritt

March 10, 2021

(CMC) :

Cricket West Indies (CWI) president, Ricky Skerritt, has lashed out at the "antiquated, self-centered, and confrontational mindsets" of his opponents in the upcoming elections and says the March 28 showdown would be a chance for the cricket fraternity to "think seriously" about the quality of leadership it wanted going forward.

In formally announcing his re-election bid along with running mate, vice-president Dr Kishore Shallow, Skerritt said his team was focussed on continuing "to battle against petty boardroom politics and territorial insularity" which he described as the "two of the biggest enemies" threatening the development of the sport regionally.

Skerritt and Shallow are being challenged by CWI director and Guyana Cricket Board secretary, Anand Sanasie, and Barbadian cricket administrator Calvin Hope.

"Some people seem to believe that the CWI boardroom is a type of Parliament where their only job is to oppose or resist any decision that doesn't directly benefit them individually," Skerritt said in a statement late Monday.

"Sadly, both of our election opponents are strong proponents of that same antiquated, self-centered, and confrontational mindset.

"This CWI 2021 leadership election provides another opportunity for cricket lovers to think seriously about who is best suited to champion the bigger cause of West Indies Cricket, at this crucial time."


Ahead of the elections, Skerrit and Shallow have advanced an "upgraded" 10-point Cricket First Plan, in a move aimed at confronting the challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2018, the Cricket First Plan formed the basis of the duo's bid to unseat then incumbent president Dave Cameron and vice-president Emmanuel Nanthan, and Skerritt said the upgraded version would ensure CWI's transformation continues.

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