Education minister stresses that fees are voluntary

August 04, 2021

Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Fayval Williams, is reminding school administrators that under the ministry's non-mandatory fee policy for infant, primary and secondary educational institutions, no child should be denied the right to an education if payments are not made.

"We are reiterating that while stakeholders may, if they choose, make voluntary contributions to support their children's education, schools should not force parents to pay fees for services that the Ministry has already provided and has committed to providing," said Williams.

She noted that requests for a contribution from parents cannot be mandatory and must not be a requirement for registration, school access/attendance, access to online learning programmes/platforms or criteria for graduation, examination slips, application to sixth form or access to any public service at a public educational institution.

She added that "Registration packages for students should be no more than $5,000 for this academic year and should outline what the package entails to justify the need for the fees. Items that attract a cost such as IDs, insurance, PE (physical education) uniforms, school ties etc, should not be included in the registration package. These should be itemised for purchase separately."

She revealed that the ministry has already outlined to schools the schedule through which they will receive funds from the Government and where there is need for additional funds, this should be requested of the ministry by the school board with supporting documentation and not from parents.

In emphasising the government's commitment to free access to education, Williams affirmed that "No school is to charge parents to access the Learning Management System (LMS) and to access textbooks. The costs to access the LMS and all books provided on the Book Loan Scheme have been paid for by the ministry."

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