Floyd Green resigns as agriculture minister

September 16, 2021
Floyd Green arriving at Parliament hours after his resignation as minister of agriculture and fisheries on Wednesday.
Floyd Green arriving at Parliament hours after his resignation as minister of agriculture and fisheries on Wednesday.

After being caught on camera at a party that was held on a no-movement day, Floyd Green yesterday resigned from his post as the island's agriculture minister.

Green will, however, remain as member of parliament for South West St Elizabeth. Green was previously state minister in the education ministry. There were loud howls of disapproval on social media, calling for sanctions for Green and fellow Jamaica Labour Party member Andrew Bellamy, councillor for the Mona Division in the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC), who was also at the event. The duo were among a group of mask-less persons seen toasting the no-movement day, a measure implemented by the Government to curb the spread of COVID-19. Bellamy also resigned from the board of the South East Regional Health Authority and relinquished chairmanship of KSAMC committees.

Green's full statement:

"In 2011, I decided to get involved in representational politics because of a desire to do my part in creating a better Jamaica. It has been a very challenging journey, but I have been extremely blessed to have served as president of Generation 2000 and to be elected on two occasions to represent the people of South West St Elizabeth.

I have also been given the honour and privilege to serve as State Minister with responsibility for Youth, State Minister with responsibility for Industry and Commerce and Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries.

At every step of the way I have worked hard. I believe I have conducted myself with dignity, honesty and discipline.

I have remained transparent, above the fray of tribal politics and have treated every single person I come across with respect.

However, today, I have disappointed so many. My family including my son, my Prime Minister and most importantly, the people of Jamaica who I have sworn to serve.

No matter how briefly, and regardless of the circumstances, I should never have participated in any engagement that could indicate a lack of appreciation of the difficult and serious realities that now face the entire country.

My actions have demonstrated a lack of sensitivity for the difficult realities that all of us are facing currently. It was wrong.

I accept that this was an error in judgement and that it sends the wrong signal especially in light of the Government's drive to reduce the spread of Covid-19. For this I am really and truly very sorry.

Therefore, I met this morning with Prime Minister, the Most Honourable Andrew Holness ON, PC, MP and indicated that I will withdraw from the Cabinet.

I will work hard to regain the trust and regard of the Jamaican people but I remain 100% committed, to serve the people of South West St Elizabeth.

I can and will promise that this lapse in judgement will not reoccur.

Again, I apologise, promise to in the future do right by the Jamaican people.

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