Hanover school gets multimillion-dollar upgrade

September 16, 2021
Pondside Primary and Infant School in Hanover.
Pondside Primary and Infant School in Hanover.

Students and staff at Pondside Primary and Infant School in Hanover will enjoy more modern and spacious surroundings when face-to face classes resume, following the completion of infrastructure upgrading of the infant department at a cost of $25.4 million.

The construction project,undertaken through financing from the Culture, Health, Arts, Sports and Education (CHASE) Fund, included refurbishing and expansion works to address the lack of adequate classroom space. Two fully furnished classrooms and bathrooms were built, in addition to a play area equipped with a playset, perimeter fencing, among other structural improvements. Kitchen equipment was also provided.

Principal of Pondside Primary and Infant, Rogene McLeod-Henry, told JIS News that CHASE's contribution has enhanced the learning environment by improving the structure and overall ambience. She noted that before the start of the project last November, the infant department had one classroom divided into two sections, a students' restroom and a small play area.

"We now have three spacious classrooms, an administrative area, students' and teachers' restrooms, including a shower area for the students, a sickbay and a play area.

"The school is now fully fenced and the CHASE Fund has improved our water supply through the contribution of a large tank and pump system. The electrical features were also upgraded offering better lighting and a fire alarm system was installed. We were provided with furniture - desks, chairs and tables for both teachers and students," she shared.

McLeod-Henry, who has served as principal for 11 years, says that with the improvements, the school is looking to increase enrolment, as more parents have shown interest in registering their children. CEO of the CHASE Fund, Wilford Heaven, says that CHASE's involvement in the development of the nation's early-childhood education sector is "deliberate".

"We understand that the care and education received during this period will impact children's academic and social trajectories throughout their lives. Early-childhood education sets the stage for successful academic outcomes and contributes to long-term personal development," he said.

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