Woman was top-tier member of gang, court hears

October 01, 2021
Alleged members of the One Don faction of the Clansman Gang being transported to the Home Circuit Court in Kingston.
Alleged members of the One Don faction of the Clansman Gang being transported to the Home Circuit Court in Kingston.

A self-confessed member of the One Don Gang yesterday testified that Stephanie Christie, the lone female defendant in the ongoing anti-gang trial, was among the top-tier members of the criminal organisation.

The witness, who is the first to be called by the prosecution in the Clansman-One Don Gang trial in the Home Circuit Court, said that Christie was responsible for paying lawyers' fees for gang members, liaising with the police when there was a problem, and for delivering messages for alleged leader Andre 'Blackman' Bryan.

Thirty-three persons, including the reputed leader are being tried on an indictment with 25 counts under the Criminal Justice (Suppression of Criminal Organisations) Act and the Firearms Act.

The One Don Gang is a breakaway faction of the Clansman Gang, reportedly led by incarcerated accessory to murder convict, Tesha Miller.

The witness yesterday said that the gang had several 'dons' who maintained a tight grip on the Spanish Town communities in St Catherine that they controlled.

"They decide who is to dead and who is to live in those communities," he stated via videolink.

In outlining who the alleged dons were, and where they controlled, the witness testified that 'Gully' was the don for Rivoli and 'Terror' for Top Banks, but that 'Sick Head' assumed the role of the don when Terror was jailed.

'Richie' and 'Smokey' were also labelled as the dons for Lauriston and Waterloo Lane, respectively.

The witness made the claim about the dons while detailing the different roles in the gang, which he said included foot soldiers, killers and lieutenants.

A lieutenant was described by the witness as a top-tier member, who he said was "a gangster above foot soldiers" while foot soldiers were said to be the members who carried out the killings and other duties.

The witness told the court that the foot soldiers would do whatever Bryan instructed them to do. He, however, explained that some of the foot soldiers were more respected than others and that they would earn that respect based on the number of people they murdered.

According to the witness, Bryan's brother, Kevaugn Green, carried out the orders of his sibling, which included getting the guns and ammunition ready.

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