Editor’s message

November 24, 2021

Having ushered 'The People Paper' into its platinum anniversary year, I am seized with the realisation that it is an awesome task laced with a rich legacy and brimming with the possibilities of the next 70 years and beyond.

November 24, 1951, signalled the beginning of what was to become an institution in Jamaican households at home and in the Diaspora. We have strived to deliver on our commitment to provide you with engaging headlines, captivating news, sports, and entertainment stories, special features, and other relevant information that empowers you in your daily lives.

It has been the collaborative effort of people for people, which has made us a staple in your lives as you've experienced major milestones in history and at home. We've been there with you through Independence, we've walked with you as you've faced triumph and turmoil, and most latterly, we have been navigating this COVID-19 pandemic together.

This 'People Paper' approach has catapulted us into the 'number-one tabloid' spot in Jamaica, outlasting several competitors throughout the last seven decades. It has, indeed, been a lifetime with you. We were the paper of your fathers and your fathers' fathers; and your grandmothers, mothers, aunts and greataunts. We consider it a privilege to today, still be The People Paper, your source of all you wish to know.

But even as we continue to situate ourselves in what has been termed the new normal, our processes and solutions are always with you, our readers, at the forefront. It is with a renewed sense of vigour that we assure you that THE STAR, as it has always been, is still available to you - on the streets, inside business places, at bus stops, corner shops, on your tablets, and phones.

We remain committed to upholding the highest standard of professionalism, fairness, and balance in our reporting. And we are eager to bring more of YOUR stories, your triumphs, your lows, and subsequent highs, as we strive to be your People Paper for another 70 years and beyond.

Celebrate with us today as we bring you giveaways and other activities across our major media platforms.

Happy 70th to you, to us, to the collective that is THE STAR!




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