Cops flop sex combo party

December 06, 2021
Patrons were promised a ‘combo sex package’ for $5,000.
Patrons were promised a ‘combo sex package’ for $5,000.

Patrons who were eager to be satisfied at the highly anticipated event called 'Combo' were left disappointed as lawmen in the St Catherine South Police Division clamped down on the event before it could get going.

Superintendent Hopeton Nicolson, operations officer in the division, told THE STAR that lawmen carried out operations at the advertised locations to ensure that the event was not held. He maintained that the event would be in breach of the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA) as no permit would have been granted.

"No permission was given and somebody must apply to the police, under the DRMA. So, if we see something be advertised, we are going to make checks," Nicolson said.

The alleged promotor of the event, who goes by the moniker Shanice Combo Boss, enticed patrons to attend her event, citing that sexual acts would be offered. For the cost of $3,000, interested attendees could get oral favours and for $2,000, patrons could have intercourse. Patrons were promised a 'combo package' for $5,000.

However, the cops, determined that no combo would take place in the division, visited Club Overdose on Port Henderson Road, popularly known as Back Road, as well as a residence in Waterford ahead of the advertised times.

"We went to both locations about 5:30 p.m. and we saw persons there setting up. We went back again at about 7 p.m. but no party was going on. The police are still carrying out checks," the senior police told THE STAR.

"The person we saw prepping the location was warned and was taken to the police station. They were warned and the party didn't start as yet, that was at 6.p.m. Nothing had started, no one was there when we saw them at the property. There were no patrons, only three persons were setting up something," Nicholson added.

On social media platform Twitter, users made comical posts of the party and videos circulated of the alleged event, with one female, nude and in a pink wig performing oral sex on a nude male. Bystanders could be seen in the video.

It captioned "live scenes from round a Waterford at Kedesha party". The words 'Waterford' and 'Combo' were trending while others questioned the legitimacy of the event. One user said the promoter was arrested by the police and a GoFundMe account, seeking to raise US$2,000 for her legal fees.

However, up to press time last night, there were no arrests reported by the police.

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