Man charged after dog bites 10-y-o

July 07, 2022

A Corporate Area man, who is being prosecuted under the newly enacted Dog (Liabilities for Attacks) Act, has been told that he may be liable for the injuries caused to a 10-year-old boy who was bitten by one of two mongrel dogs that were on his premises.

The man, Rohan Mallett, pleaded not guilty to dog bite, as he insisted that the animals did not belong to him.

"I am sorry about it, but those dogs just come on my premises. It's not my dog, dem just come on my premises," Mallett told parish judge Venise Blackstock-Murray.

It is alleged that the child was sent to a nearby store by his mother, when upon returning home, he passed Mallett's yard. He indicated that the yard had no fence, and the two dogs in the yard attacked him, with one biting him on his leg. The child was assisted to the hospital and the medical report, which was read in court, stated that a deep laceration to the left thigh was observed, secondary to a dog bite.

However, prosecutors contended that Mallett is liable for the injuries the child sustained.

"I know what he is saying, Your Honour, but we can go to trial because when you feed the dog, the dog stays at your premises," the prosecutor indicated, while suggesting that persons in the court should read the new Dog (Liabilities for Attacks) Act, which was passed in 2020.

Under the legislation, the occupier of any premises where a dog is kept, or permitted to live or remain, is presumed to be the owner of the dog.

Blackstock-Murray adjourned the matter for Mallett to secure legal representation as well as to allow the prosecution to complete its file. The accused is to return to court on September 1.

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