Masturbation claim leaves prisoner bloodied

July 20, 2022

A fight broke out in a Corporate Area-based police lock-up after one prisoner allegedly masturbated in the bathroom.

The incident resulted in a fight between two men, one of whom was allegedly pleasing himself in the bathroom. Both men were left nursing injuries. They were yesterday hauled before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court and charged with assault.

The court heard that one of the accused men, who has been locked up for illegal possession of ammunition, exited the showers at the lock-up, after taking a bath. However, no sooner than the 42-year-old man left, his 25-year-old jail mate went to the bathroom but quickly left and told other detainees that he saw semen in the bathroom. The younger prisoner, who is charged with murder, accused the other man of masturbating in the showers.

An argument ensued between the men and it is alleged that the older prisoner punched the other in the face, causing swelling. The younger prisoner retaliated by using a bucket to hit him on the head, resulting in a wound that bled.

The men told presiding judge Maxine Dennis-McPherson that they have not been able to get along while in custody, as they have been involved in several confrontations previously.

"Your Honour, this yute, from me come inna the lock-up him just a live pon me. Even just a while ago, we down by the lock-up [at the courthouse] and him say him ago lick me ina mi face. Three police affi tek him out," the older prisoner said.

The judge asked that the allegation of being threatened at the courthouse be checked by the custody officers, who, informed the court that it did happened.

The older prisoner further alleged that the man on the murder charge is a bully and described him as a 'don' in the lock-ups.

"The simplest things, him tek it up pon him head," the 42-year-old prisoner said.

Dennis-McPherson ordered that a police officer from the station where the men are housed be present at court today, to explain the rift is between both men.

The men were remanded in custody until today, July 20.

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