Merciless soundalike wants more recognition

August 24, 2022
Warface says Merciless is his idol and the main inspiration for his artiste persona.
Warface says Merciless is his idol and the main inspiration for his artiste persona.

Following news that veteran music personality Gadaffie wants to manage New Merciless, a deejay who sounds like the late Leonard Bartley, another entertainer who claims 'DNA' to the deceased says that he feels unappreciated and unseen.

The artiste, who goes by the moniker Warface, said that he also sounds like Merciless and believes that he and New Merciless are carrying on the late entertainer's legacy. But he said that he is being cut out of the equation.

"I have known Merciless for almost 15 years. I am his right hand and mi see everybody a call mi and a say 'Warface, a yuh fi do di thing ya now, enuh, because a yuh we know a par wid him fi all those years'. One somebody can't carry on Merciless ting, enuh, it have to be two. Mi love and respect New Merciless because mi alone cannot do it," he said.

Gadaffie said that he was ready to return to the music industry to manage New Merciless, who he has renamed Mercenary. He went viral after his performance at Merciless' candlelight vigil. Warface, whose given name is Barrington Gayle, said that he too was present at the vigil and gave a captivating show but his performance was not in the video clip that was being circulated.

"Merciless a my idol and mi don't know about anybody else but a him mi sound like and a him mi deejay like. Me went to Merciless candlelight in Clarendon and mi a deejay. Mi do my part and done the place because mi act like him, enuh, suh mi have him DNA. When mi look at the video, dem cut out my part outta it and mi a say why because mi only see myself with di mic inna mi hand. All some man whe can't deejay deh pon it. Mi nuh like that," he said.

Warface, who hails from Montego Bay, St James, said Merciless even referred to him as his son.

"Mi and Merciless build song together and guh thru whole heap a tings. A mi second call when him die and when mi go deh di people dem say 'see him son a come here'. When mi go mi see him lie down and a di first dead man mi ever push. When mi push him mi see say him stiff and mi tell di police to check again because him is a man who sleep dead. Mi feel it to mi heart man," he said.

While stressing that he does not grudge New Merciless and believes he is super talented, he refuses to be left behind.

"Mi is a artiste too and everybody need dem break, enuh. Put mi inna di ting too man because mi a part a Leonard Bartley family. Mi drive sexy vehicle too and mi live nice life too suh mi nuh badmind a man. Mi just want a man nuh break down my part," he said.

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