Entertainer calls for end to bigamy law

November 15, 2022

Convinced that monogamy often results in impotence, recording artiste and businessman Milton Wray is urging the Government to repeal the bigamy laws and make it legal for a man to have more than one wife.

"Men were meant to have more than one woman as sex is a basic need for a man. There is no reason for the bigamy law and it is tied to religion and Christianity. Naturally males are not monogamous and everything in nature supports that," he said.

In the latest edition of THE WEEKEND STAR, a throuple from Montego Bay, St James, left readers in a frenzy by talking about their relationship, with the man saying he is ready to marry his two women. But Jamaican law forbids marriage between more than two persons, an adult male and a female. Wray, however, argued that if a man has sex with only one woman for years, his sex drive will diminish.

"But if he should go outta road and comes back to her, then the sex will be great. I am speaking facts. If a man goes for prolonged periods without sex, he will become ill and get a lot of pain in his testicles and may not be able to walk," he said.

According to Wray, remaining faithful does not exist in today's world and encouraged both men and women to be open about wanting other sexual partners.

He also dismissed the notion that having multiple partners increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections, as faithful married persons can get infected by cheating spouses.

"A lot of families are ripped apart because of this thing call infidelity when we could have just been honest with each other. If you are my woman and you know you want to have sex with another man, don't lie and fool mi up. Just be honest ... it's either I am able to handle it or not," Wray added.

Reverend Sean Major-Campbell, pastor of the Christ Church in Vineyard Town, Kingston, opined that law or no law, men will still have the numbers of partners they wish to have.

"Maybe the main difference between the trio's relationship in Montego Bay and many other triplets is that theirs is agreed, open and equally desired. Culturally speaking, one easily sees the challenges. Anyway I am not sure that a Government has to engage a moralistic constituency that would even take seriously a request to legalise polygamy. One man will, however, have the numbers of partners he wishes to have whether it is a law or not," Campbell said.

Like Wray he said men are somewhat naturally inclined to have more than one female in their lives.

"However, giving in to nature must be weighed in the balance with other life concerns such as economics and what may be in the best interest of the family," he said.

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