Bahamas murder toll reaches 2021 figure

November 21, 2022

NASSAU, Bahamas, Nov 21, CMC – The Bahamas has recorded its 119th murder for this year,  the same figure as it did for the entire 2021, after a man was shot in Grand Bahama over the last weekend.

Police said that the unidentified man was shot multiple times by a gunman shortly before midnight on Friday. The man was taken to the Rand Memorial Hospital where he was examined and pronounced dead.

Police said that at least seven people are assisting their investigations.

Member of Parliament for St Barnabas and Free National Movement (FNM) deputy leader, Shanendon Cartwright, acknowledging that the crime issue within the country is not political, urged the government to develop a “comprehensive crime plan” going forward.

“We acknowledge the complexity of our crime problem and have said it’s not a political issue, but the government is failing to lead,” Cartwright told the Tribune newspaper, adding “the number one responsibility of any government is to protect its citizens and communities.

“In this regard, the government is failing to lead and as a result, is failing the Bahamian people. The Bahamian people have been frustrated and angered at the level of crime in our nation,” he said, recalling that in March this year, the opposition had outlined 14 recommendations on the issue.

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