Victims in St Ann train crash identified

November 21, 2022
Photo by Carl Gilchrist

The two employees of Discovery Bauxite Partners who were killed in a train crash near Brown's Town, St Ann on Sunday have been identified.

They are Shane Powell, a security guard of a Clarendon address, and Orlando Brown, of Brown’s Town, St Ann.

According to the police, both men were aboard the train when it developed mechanical problems, derailed the track and crashed in a gully.

Both men received multiple injuries and died on the spot

In a statement that was sent out earlier today, Discovery Bauxite confirmed that the company's personnel alerted its emergency team, and first responders from the police and fire department rushed to the scene of the incident.

“We are contacting the families of the two workers and are offering them our full support and assistance during this extremely difficult period. We share their grief and offer our prayers and support for their comfort and solace at this time,” Discovery Bauxite said.

The company also said a senior team has been assigned to carry out a comprehensive investigation into the cause of the derailment.

All rail operations have been suspended pending completion of our preliminary assessment.

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