‘Non-dentist’ offers to teach skills for $2 million

March 21, 2023

Despite warnings from the Dental Council of Jamaica to desist from conducting dental procedures, one entrepreneur is adamant that his services are not in contempt of the Dental Act or the rules and regulations of the governing body.

"I am operating as a non-dentist. I found out by researching that teeth whitening and veneers (layers of plastic laid over teeth) are both considered as cosmetic and both intertwine with dentistry. But if you are operating on the means of cosmetic only, like following a protocol, then you don't need a licence or you won't fall under dentistry. You don't need a dental licence for cosmetic," shared McKoy Wilson, who goes by the moniker Tooth Boss.

He shared that he left the classroom at The University of the West Indies, Mona, where he was reading for a degree in management studies to fuel his desire to be an entrepreneur. He claims that he learnt the trade in Florida and Colombia from a trained dentist.

"Yea man, me fly out the country to get this skill set because it is not attainable locally, not even regular dentist have this skill set. At times, me even teach dentists themselves, so you must know. I am a whitening technician, basically a non-dentist also," he said. The entrepreneur stated further that he is training persons in teeth whitening and veneers procedure at a cost of $2 million. According to him it is an investment that lasts for a week. He said successful candidates are awarded their whitening documents and equipment to start their businesses. He shared that he has already taught at least four people since the establishment of his business at the peak of the pandemic.

But Wilson is allegedly being tracked by the cops.

"The police served him a cease and desist [order] because he is operating illegally," one representative of the Dental Council of Jamaica told THE STAR, citing that the document was served at least a month go. Wilson's business has garnered the attention of social media users, who have expressed grave concern about teeth whitening and veneers services being offered by someone who is neither educated about teeth care nor formally trained.

But Wilson explained that with the assistance of his lawyer, he has drafted "whitening documents" to legitimise his practice.

"That is what keeps the business in the cosmetic section, that makes it more contractual, to make it lawful. We are not existing under dentistry," he stressed.

Asked to confirm if he was served a cease-and-desist order, Wilson chuckled, then said, "No, I can't get that. No, I never got one of those. I won't say that it is not possible, but I am operating on the side of cosmetic. It is very difficult because what I am doing, is not [as] if I am doing dentistry or cosmetic, is either if it is legal or illegal for them."

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