Hefty fine for visitor held with ammunition

September 22, 2023
Norman Manley International Airport.
Norman Manley International Airport.

A visitor to the island who was found with seven rounds of ammunition in her luggage was ordered to pay a fine of $210,000 or face six months' imprisonment at hard labour.

Kindra Blodgett pleaded guilty to unauthorised possession of ammunition in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Thursday. Prosecutors outlined that the ammunition was seen in a luggage compartment which was detected by an X-ray machine at the Norman Manley International Airport.

Blodgett indicated to investigators that she had previously "carried up weed to the United States and did not know it would be a problem".

"I didn't mean to bring it. I emptied out my whole purse and there was an extra clip in there, a bunch of change and tampons. It was a mistake," Blodgett explained.

- T.T.

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