Attorney pleads for diabetic client’s release

September 29, 2023

Attorney-at-law Orville Morgan failed in his bid on Thursday to have his client, a 26-year-old diabetic, granted bail after arguing that the man is at risk of infection should he remain in custody.

"He has received medical treatment but we can see the condition of his legs. They are swollen, there are sores and if the lock-ups are not properly sanitised, he will get infected," Morgan argued.

His client, Matthew Graham, is charged on an indictment with five counts of simple larceny, three counts of conspiracy to defraud, four counts of unauthorised access to computer data, four counts of access with intent to commit or facilitate the commission of an offence, and two counts of possession of criminal property. He has not yet entered a plea.

Morgan's arguments before Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque were a second attempt at a bail application; the first was heard on June 22.

In responding to Morgan's application to have his client be offered bail on humanitarian grounds, Cole-Montaque ordered that the superiors in charge of the Denham Town lock-ups, where Graham is being housed, provide sufficient information about his health and the care provided. She ordered that the accused receive medical attention.

Prosecutors contend that the case file was incomplete as statements from the witnesses, a report from a handwriting expert, as well as forensic analysis of CCTV footage are outstanding. Graham was made the subject of a fingerprint order and was remanded in custody until November 6, when a fresh bail application is to be heard.

It is alleged that on three occasions, Graham went to business establishments and stated his intention to make cash purchases. However, he told the proprietors that he did not have the physical bank cards but knew the numbers. After being denied service at one car mart in Kingston, Graham, the court heard, went to another and convinced the agents to allow him to input the numbers in their point of sale machine because he did not have the card.

"The way how transaction was done, under normal circumstances you would need six digits to authorise a transaction, and, in this instance, he only used three," the prosecutor said.

The court was told that he purchased three cars from a particular car mart, after spending $8.4 million. It is further alleged that he got two of the vehicles - a 2017 white Subaru and 2017 white Toyota Axio. The third was not delivered because it was at the wharf.

- T.T.

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