Tricky assignment for STETHS

October 07, 2015

Western Bureau:

Last year's beaten daCosta Cup finalist St Elizabeth Technical (STETHS) will have their fate in their own hands when they oppose B.B. Coke in today's penultimate Group E fixture in Santa Cruz.

This group is proving to be one of the most intriguing this year. Only five points separate leaders Lacovia High School (16 points) and fourth-place B.B. Coke (11).

STETHS (15) need to win today to remain close to Lacovia and stay ahead of Munro (13).

B.B. Coke are seeking to do the double over their more fancied rivals. When the teams met on September 22 B.B. Coke won 1-0. But playing STETHS on home soil will be a difficult assignment as the Santa Cruz-based school are yet to be beaten at home this season.

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