Odean Edwards


October 08, 2015
Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer Apprentice jockey Odean Edwards smiles after securing a win aboard LUCKYBEGOOD in a maiden condition race over 1300m at Caymanas Park on Saturday, September 26. Edwards also won aboard FIFTYONESTORM.

Association National Table Tennis Club League competition begins at the National Centre of Excellence (Excelsior High) at 6 p.m..



and daCosta Cup

Camperdown High vs Kingston College

St George's vs Denham Town High Spanish Town vs Excelsior

Jonathan Grant vs Vauxhall

Norman Manley vs Ascot

Marcus Garvey vs Steer Town

ISSA Netball

Campion vs Eltham

Spanish Town vs Ardenne

B.B. Coke vs Lacovia

Balaclava vs St Elizabeth

Newell vs Maggotty

Green Island vs Godfrey Stewart

Maud McLeod vs Petersfield


Horse racing

Nine-race card at Caymanas Park

Digicel 5K Imagine Run 2015

Manning Cup and daCosta Cup

Ascot High vs Excelsior High

Norman Manley vs Jonathan Grant High (to complete remaining eight minutes)

Jamaica College vs St Catherine

St Mary's College vs Charlie Smith

Greater Portmore vs Hydel High

Innswood High vs Eltham High

Haile Selassie vs Dunoon Tech

Holy Trinity vs St Andrew Technical

St Jago vs Bridgeport

Wolmer's vs Mona

JosE Marti vs Waterford

Cornwall vs Anchovy

Green Pond vs Irwin

Frome vs Ruseas

Cambridge vs Merlene Ottey

William Knibb vs Herbert Morrison

Spot Valley vs Muschett

Manning's vs Maud McLeod

Petersfield vs Godfrey Stewart

Munro vs Lacovia

Maggotty vs B.B. Coke

Newell vs STETHS

Belair vs Winston Jones

Mile Gully vs Cross Keys

deCarteret vs Manchester

Spalding vs Holmwood

Alston vs Knox

Edwin Allen vs Lennon

Clarendon College vs Thompson Town

Ocho Rios vs Cedric Titus

Brown's Town vs York Castle

Tacky vs Islington

Brimmervale vs St Mary High

St Mary Technical vs Annotto Bay

Dinthill vs Charlemont

McGrath vs Bog Walk

Ewarton vs Tacius Golding

Buff Bay vs Titchfield

Port Antonio vs Happy Grove

Denbigh vs Glenmuir

Garvey Maceo vs Porus

Old Harbour vs Kemps Hill

Central vs Vere Technical

Seaforth vs Robert Lightbourne

St Thomas Technical vs Paul Bogle


Caribbean Equestrian Association Trials for Jamaica


High school beach polo @ National Stadium.



NDRC Drag Challenge #4 @ Vernamfield, Clarendon


Ninth annual Negril charity Golf Tournament Couples Resort

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