Stewart captaining STGC effort

October 10, 2015
St George's College's Gregory Messam Jr (left) and captain Shevon Stewart.

Stewart captain STGC effort

Shayne Fairman

STAR Writer

Captain Shevon Stewart said he will be hoping to lead St George's College to their first Inter-Secondary School Sports Association/FLOW Manning Cup title since 2012, and hopefully close a fine time at the North Street-based institution.

Stewart is currently in the upper sixth form at St George's and looking to play his part as captain, goal scorer and game winner in his team's title ambitions, in his final season.

While some would argue that the competent goal scorer and forward does not seem to be in his best form, Stewart maintains he is more of a team player this season.

"I am fit," he said. "Our ultimate goal is to go all the way, but we don't take anything for granted, we just have to make sure that we go into all the games and just do what we have to do and take all the teams seriously," the forward told STAR Sports.


Stewart has netted a number of goals and given a number of assists so far, but most of all his leadership has been telling in a fairly young team.

"I have not set a goal scoring haul, I just want to win all titles this year, knowing that it's my last year of Manning Cup," he said.

Stewart believes no opponent should be taken lightly, adding that his team will look to come out and play competitive football.

"I don't fear any team, as you see Innswood beat us in the first round so you know that we have to take every team serious. Every match that we go in we just have to know that we have to take it very serious," said the captain.

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