Boys' Town missing home

October 13, 2015
Boys' Town's Rafeik Thomas searches for the ball while contending in a bundle with Tivoli Gardens' Shavar Campbell (No.19) and Andre Morgan (centre), while Boys' Town's Andre Dawson (left) reacts, during the Red Stripe Premier League football match at Edward Seaga Sports Complex on September 13. The game ended 1-1.

Livingston Scott

STAR Writer

BOYS?Town has had to do without the advantage of their home ground since the start of the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) season, due to the rehabilitation of their field at the Collie Smith Complex and coach Andrew Price admitted they are missing home.

Price is hoping when they return home they can do more to increase gate receipts.

?It (Barbican complex) is a win-win situation as we are getting some supporters that we don?t usually get at Collie Smith Drive, so for now we have to continue to utilise the Barbican field.

?But we definitely want to go back home. We are working on rehabilitating the field and as soon as the field is fully rehabilitated we will be going back home and hopefully that?s early in December,? he said.

He said that the team had a time table of December for their return

Price added that his players are longing to play in front of their home crowd, while the fans are desperate to have the pride and joy of their community performing back home, in their backyard.

?At the Collie Smith Complex you have the die hard community supporters and the vibes and you are guaranteed two to three thousand people every Sunday. We want that back ... but we just have to make do in the mean time and continue trying to pick up points.

Price argued that the club needs improved infrastructure in order to increase collection at the gate.

?There will always be (those free access areas) until we can get a complete infrastructure that is secure. We are working at securing areas that are weak, so that when we get back home we will improve the collections from what we were collecting last season,? he said.

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