KC athletes under siege

October 16, 2015

Dania Bogle

A well-known Kingston College track team member was held up and robbed at gunpoint in the vicinity of the North Street-based school recently as he made his way home from team training STAR Sports has learnt.

When contacted, a high ranking member of the track team's management staff told "to be honest with you, them things happen all the while."

Our source said that the students were often targeted as they walked through the surrounding neighbourhoods of Southside, Tel Aviv, Spoilers, and made their way to downtown Kingston.

The school's head coach, Neil Harrison, admitted that he was unaware of the latest incident, but confirmed that the school's students were indeed a target.

"We seem to be a target. I know we generally have problems with individuals being harassed and stuff being taken away from them downtown," said Harrison, adding that cell phones, money, and school bags were the items most stolen.

regular occurrence

"The last 'Champs' (Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association Boys & Girls Athletic Championships) one of our athletes, not a track star, but one of the Manning Cup players, was beaten up and stabbed and spent a couple of days in the hospital just for being in a KC shirt," Harrison added.

"It is a regular occurrence especially when it comes deeper into the sporting season."

Harrison that the school's principal, Dave Myrie, had made an effort to deal with the problem but it seems, to no avail.

He said the students had also set up their own safety system where they travelled in groups and stayed at school until they could be picked up by their parents.

He said the school also provided transport downtown on occasion closer to Championship time.

"But it is still a challenge," Harrison concluded.

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